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Photo by Rob Gibson, Gettysburg, PA

Recognized as both musician and historian, David Kincaid is a man of more than thirty years of professional experience both in recording and performing on stage. Although his earliest musical memories are of Irish folk songs (David’s father being a proud Irish-American who often listened to this music in the home), he would commence his musical career at the age of eight, delving into the music of the legendary rock bands of the 1960s. Growing up as the son of a career naval officer meant a great deal of relocating (up and down the west coast, for the most part), which eventually landed David’s family in the Seattle area in his early teens. There he began and developed his professional musical career as a lead guitarist, lead vocalist, and songwriter/producer, which by 1985 led him to relocate to New York City, where he still resides. There David formed his roots-rock band The Brandos, with whom he has made ten albums, two MTV videos, and toured the US, Canada and northern Europe extensively. The Brandos first single and video, called “Gettysburg,”put the band on the road and in the international spotlight, and the band’s subsequent albums and tours have garnered a host of rave reviews across North America and Europe.

David Kincaid’s interest in the American Civil War spans back to early childhood, and much of his free time since has been spent in the study of this subject. In 1979, his interest was intensified while delving into his family’s history–his Irish-American great-great grandfather, Cpl. James McCormick Kincaid, had fought with Company I, 63rd Reg’t Pennsylvania Volunteers in the

On tour with The Brandos,
- Dec. 2006.

The Brandos - Over the Border
Released Dec., 2006
Blue Rose Records

Union’s Army of the Potomac for most of the war. By 1988, David had taken his deep historical interest a step further, being recruited as a member of Co. I, 116th Reg’t Pennsylvania Volunteers, a company of Civil War reenactors portraying members of the Union Army’s famed “Irish Brigade.” Naturally, his music was quickly integrated into it, and he and his fellow soldiers would often follow intense battle reenactments with campfire sessions, singing the traditional songs of the Civil War soldier. David’s curiosity was immediately raised about the songs of the Irish in the war, and knowing the Irish tradition of music and verse, and the fact that more than 160,000 Irishmen had fought for the Union, and upwards of 80,000 for the Confederacy, he began the search for the songs he knew must be there. Proving to be long but fruitful, it yielded enough material by January 1997 to make it possible to begin recording his first solo album: ”The Irish Volunteer-Songs of the Irish Union Soldier 1861-65,” which was released to great critical and public acclaim in February, 1998, featuring some of the best performers in Irish traditional music: Liz Knowles-Fiddle (Riverdance, Cherish The Ladies), Jerry O’Sullivan-Uilleann Pipes & Whistle (Shanachie recording artist), and John Whelan-Irish Button Accordion (seven time All-Ireland champion and Narada recording artist).

Some of the very positive side effects of this has been that David Kincaid has been invited to play this music at venues across the country, including several stints at the Dublin Irish Festival (Dublin, OH), and the “Music Muster" at Gettysburg National Military Park. His music has also been used in several documentary films, including “Fredericksburg,” done in conjunction with the National Park Service, and in the fall of 2001, David was engaged as both a consultant and performer in the recent Hollywood Civil War film release “Gods and Generals,” featuring Robert Duvall as Gen. Robert E. Lee. David has now released his followup album to The Irish Volunteer: “The Irish-American’s Song” –this one including songs of the Irish in both the Union and the Confederacy. Though just in its initial release phase, the album is already receiving accolades from the historic music community: ...“David Kincaid's new album "The Irish American's Song" follows, in style and intent, his deservedly praised 1998 album "The Irish Volunteer," and certainly meets the high standards set by that work.”...“Bravo to Kincaid for this commitment to historical, as well as musical, fidelity. Close your eyes and you can travel in time, to campfire, recruiting drive, or parlor.”...“His own Haunted Field Music has produced this one, and has conjured up a dozen ghosts here, as historically dressed as only true ghosts can be and real enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck”(G. Leslie Sweetnam, TheWild Geese Today).

In addition to taking to the stage with the songs of the Irish Volunteer and the Irish-American's Song, collections of songs and performances as compelling live as on record, David Kincaid continues his research material for future albums of the Irish in American Civil War. And he looks forward to continuing to compose, tour and record with The Brandos.

David Kincaid with Robert Duvall on the set of "Gods and Generals" (click for more info).

David Kincaid, Frank Giordano
American-Irish Historical Soc.
New York City, Sept., 1998
Photo by Trudy Giordano

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L to R: Jerry O'Sullivan, Liz Knowles, Tom Wetmore, David Kincaid and John Whelan
Milford, Ct. March, 1998
Photo by Ines Woetzel


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